Can suffering be used?

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  God has a plan and a purpose for everyone. Nobody is insignificant. We are after all, created in the very image of God. This includes the homeless person living in a cardboard box and the abused child in a home of neglect. We all have a part to play in God’s divine design, and […]

The foolish…

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There are many different kinds of fools but they usually fall into three specific categories. First, there is the simpleton, he or she lacks common sense and is very gullible. Second is the hard-hearted fool. They live a life of folly and despise instruction and knowledge. Finally, there is the fool puffed up with self-importance […]

Perseverance Required

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Perseverance helps one to overcome the greatest difficulties in life. Without a steadfast tenacity to press forward through challenging obstacles, conflicts, and unexpected problems we would never get anywhere or accomplish much. The problem with giving up without a fight is that we are told to run our spiritual race as “one intent on obtaining […]


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  To ABIDE is to accept or act in accordance with a rule. It is to comply with and to obey. It also means to follow, keep hold to, conform to and adhere…. With respect! When we abide in Christ we can endure all things. Through Him we are strong and by His grace we […]

The birth of Jesus

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Amazing! Jesus left His heavenly home and His eternal fellowship with Father God to take on human form and humbly live among man. The Son of God, free of all sin, agreed to live among a menagerie of sinners. Our transgressions had separated us from the love of God and His blessed fellowship. We desperately […]

Spiritual Maturity

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We begin our education from the moment of birth or even before birth, for we learn to recognize the beating of our mother’s heart while yet within her womb. In order to survive, we acquire information and learn what we can about it, then make intelligent applications. Our knowledge comes by self-discovery and through instruction. […]

Guard your words…

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After regrettable words leave our lips, they seem to hang frozen in the air for an eternity. Those within earshot share in our awkward moment as everyone thinks, “Did I/they really say that? Did I/they really say that Out Loud?” If only we could reel back in our careless words before they transform themselves into […]

KING SOLOMON: Wise or Foolish?

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Fools lack common sense and wisdom. They act imprudently and are easily tricked or deceived. If you wish to avoid the labels of simpleton, dunce, blockhead, and imbecile, I encourage you to avoid fools and seek out the company of wise men and women. Sit at their feet and soak in the knowledge they share. […]

Christian Fellowship: Are You Willing To Be Sharpened?

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A dull knife is still a knife but far less effective than one that has been thoroughly sharpened. The same goes for Christians. A Christian who is lax in obtaining knowledge by way of reading scripture is far less effective than a believer who reads the living Word daily. Both Christians will be used of […]


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There is a fear of God that admiration enfolds with arms of thankful adoration. It acknowledges the absolute power of the Creator and the inconsequence of man. This holy fear is the beginning of wisdom, for it is wise to know ones place in this world…. And in the next. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning […]