We want to bring revival to Seattle. We want Seattle back under the covering of Jesus, the one one and only way to God.


We want to see people getting out of bondage.We have seen the lost found, the sick healed and actual change in people’s lives when they put God first in their lives and get to know Jesus on a personal level.


We want to do our part in gathering the lost together into one place, and we want to do it in Seattle. Seattle is lost. It needs revival.

We don’t believe in religion. We believe in a relationship with Jesus, and it’s that relationship that we feel is most important aspect in becoming a good Christian.


We believe that the Holy Spirit is God, who convicts people of sin, leads them away from it, and draws them to become born again. He dwells within believers to enable them to lead holy lives. In addition, He helps believers live lives in obedience to God’s will and to serve the Body of Christ using the gifts He has given them.


We believe in on fire for God worship. We believe it’s perfectly OK to worship the Lord in a traditional manner, using anointed musicians. We don’t pay our worship leaders. We do however follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and take offerings which offer a small stipend to our worship leaders and our musicians.


We believe that each gift of the Holy Spirit mentioned in the Bible is still active in the Church today and should be developed to build up the Church Body (all believers). The baptism of the Holy Spirit, an experience separate from being born again, gives Christians power to witness. Speaking in tongues, as the Holy Spirit enables, is the initial sign of being baptized in the Holy Spirit. The baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire is a gift from God, as promised by the Lord Jesus to all believers, and is received subsequent, and in addition to, the acceptance of Jesus as Lord and Savior (being reborn). The initial evidence of speaking with other tongues, as well as other manifestations described in Acts 2, accompanies this experience. There is one initial baptism in the Holy Spirit, however, there are many subsequent infilling of the Spirit (revival). The purpose of the baptism of the Holy Spirit is so that we, the believers, may have power to be witnesses.


In the Christian life, every believer must live in obedience to Christ and be under the covering of the Holy Spirit. A Christian should always be filled with the Holy Spirit.


We have seen the power of the Holy Spirit in action, and we know that the best way to bring people to Christ is through prayer and revival style worship and that is what Seattle Revival is all about. We’re not a religion, but a place to come and worship him, seek him, and hear the word of God. It’s that simple.


If you’re lonely, have nothing to do, and you want to change something but don’t know what it is, please come to one of our services on Thursday night at 7:30 PM in Bellevue and meet great people, get changed, and get back on the path.

The world is too hard now. You cannot survive in this world without Jesus. Your welcome here. 425-242-6100 is our number and our service is every Thursday night.